Monday, April 04, 2005

stolen love

to u and i
to us
to the way u laugh
to the way u smile
to the way u turn
around towards me
to the way ur always there
to reasons why we cant
to reasons why we can
to our loved ones
for we love them so
still we turn towards
each other for comfort.
still our shoulders we share
and in our eyes..........

this is a poem for you
this is a poem for me
this is a poem for us.......

for your smile and my desire to kiss on it..........
for your laughter and what it does to my heartbeat........
for your caressing...........

for the look in your eyes
and the depth of your caring ............
for us?

Sunday, April 03, 2005

for the ones like me
who to the pen can they only turn for
for the ones like me
who imprisoned we are to our writtings
for the ones like me
who never got a chance
for the ones like me
who love doing what they do
for the ones like me
with the ability to put it down in words
for the ones like me
who endure the critism and judgement
from those who dont know the price
to take a pen and in words
to fill your imagination
to write our personal info
that they may read
yet never appriciate
like the gospel
to be believed yet ridiculed
still we give hope
and to the others we warn
and our words shall forever be rememberd
for out of the mouth of babes..........